Going gluten-free

12 Oct

My story about living with celiac disease and eating gluten-free is in today’s paper. The link is at the end of this post.

I interviewed so many people for this story who didn’t make it into the paper but had great stories to tell, and I wanted to write a short blog about Linda Wilhelm, a dietician from Alegent health who has two sons with celiac. Linda has effectively built two kitchens in her home in the space of one kitchen. She has almost everything in doubles, she told me. Two colanders, two toasters. She got rid of her cast iron skillet and her wooden utensils because their porous nature can contaminate food.

She told me that Thanksgiving around the Wilhelm house changed quite a bit when Jason, 31, and Justin, 29, got diagnosed. Both of her sons got the diagnosis when they were 28-years-old. She makes her pie without crust. She buys a turkey without additives that might contain gluten. All the gravy and sauces she make are gluten-free. Her youngest son has yet to get her to serve the non gluten-free crescent rolls that he craves.

“Everyone eats gluten-free,” she said. “A lot of the recipes I’ve come up with are actually better than the regular ones I used before.”



Photo above: gluten-free cupcakes from Omaha’s Bliss Bakery. By Corey Perrine/OWH.


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