Thanksgiving week: Leftovers and Links!

24 Nov

So in the wake of the food coma we’ll likely all be experiencing later today, I present you with a useful roundup of links to some creative ways to dispose of your leftovers. Also, some tips on how to store all that food from the Pampered Chef.

The James Beard Foundation offers us a wonderful roundup of leftover recipes, including David Chang’s mashed potato spring rolls, Sweet potato bread pudding via Saveur and a “crazy turkey burrito” via Bon Appetit.

Pumpkin pie breakfast casserole via Oh She Glows.

Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special via

My hero Mark Bittman rethinks leftovers, offering 20 mini-recipes perfect for “stimulating an overindulged brain.” (Check out the eggs baked in stuffing. mmm.)

Some tips on safely storing leftovers from the USDA.

Check out the Splendid Table’s How to eat Thanksgiving Infographic.

A few tips on food storage from Chef Jackie Blust, who works for the Pampered Chef:

  • Freeze leftover wine, broth or coconut milk in ice-cube trays to use later in soups and sauces
  • Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within two hours for food safety, and label containers with the contents and date
  • Make sure all your plastic containers are labeled microwave safe before you heat up leftovers

And finally, Pillsbury’s top ten list of American’s favorite pie flavors. Thanks to Village Inns around the globe for the fifth most popular pie. And Mincemeat? Really? Maybe I should add one to next year’s Thanksgiving menu.

1. Pumpkin
2. Apple
3. Pecan
4. Cherry
5. Chocolate Cream/French Silk
6. Sweet Potato
7. Banana Cream
8. Peach
9. Berry
10. Mincemeat

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you’re eating lots of good food surrounded by people you care about.

Image courtesy of the Pampered Chef.


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