I’m a food writer and burgeoning cook living and writing in Omaha, Neb. I love eating.

I started working at the Omaha World-Herald in September 2011. I write restaurant reviews and report on food industry news and trends. I also contribute stories about home cooking.

I got my  journalism degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2001 and went to work for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Division of Travel and Tourism as a public relations specialist. Most recently, I was the marketing and public relations director at Sheldon Museum of Art on the UNL campus.

Most of my writing experience is in the visual arts. For a decade, I wrote about art for the Omaha Reader, and then for the World-Herald before I started here full time.

About five years ago, I started to teach myself how to cook. At first, I was very, very bad at it. But through practice, I’ve learned what I like and have found real joy in trying new things at home. I mostly enjoy trying different things, especially challenging ones.

I am also the author of “The Insider’s Guide to Omaha and Lincoln,” published in September by Globe Pequot Press.

Follow my culinary adventures here.


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