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Review: Dolce Cafe

21 Oct

Dolce Cafe is only a few months old, but already making a niche for itself in West Omaha as a comfortable spot for lunch or a potentially romantic dinner place.

The short form: I had some issues with the atmosphere at Dolce, especially in the evening, but the food was top-notch. The pieces of salmon I ate were some of the best I’ve had in the city.

Pictured at left: Arugula and grapefruit salad. Photo by Rebecca S. Gratz/OWH.



Review: Amsterdam

12 Oct

When I started at the paper, I was really surprised that Amsterdam Falafel hadn’t already been reviewed. It was fun to be the first to write about the tiny place that’s become a Dundee mainstay.

The short form: Amsterdam is successful with only six items on its menu. I set out to find out why. Basically, it’s because every single one of those items are great.

Pictured at right: falafel. Photo by Chris Machian/OWH.


Review: Blue Agave

11 Oct

My Omaha World-Herald review of Blue Agave.

The short form: Blue Agave wasn’t great, but then it was better. In fact, during my second visit, it was really good. The flaming fajita blew me away in terms of flavor and presentation.

At left, the aforementioned fajita. Photo by Corey Perinne/OWH

Review: Taco Trucks

11 Oct

A combination review and story about Matthew’s and my South Omaha taco truck adventure.

The short form: We ate a lot of mysterious meats and we liked them more than the familiar ones. Also, thanks to our friend Jeremy who helped us out with translation and introduced us to the glory that is a torta.

At right: carne asada taco. Photo by Matt Miller/OWH

Review: The Zin Room

11 Oct

My Omaha World-Herald review of the Zin Room, co-authored with my husband, Matthew Hansen, who also works at the paper as the military reporter.

The short form: we liked it. Especially the gouda macaroni and cheese.

At left: the chicken oscar. Photo by Danielle Beebe/OWH