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Small town Sunday

5 Mar

Yesterday I went to my good friend Cara’s hometown, Brainard, Neb., for the town’s annual Community Fund Drive. Basically, it’s a giant sale in the town’s firehall that includes boxes of random items for $1, $2 and $3, a bake sale, a silent auction, lunch and then a live auction. I think the most expensive item that sold at the live auction was around $30.

Brainard is about an hour outside of Omaha, and it was fun to get on the road early and head out of town. Once I arrived, the first order of business was the bake sale. Cara loves rosettes, which are fried cookies covered with rainbow sugar, and I never turn down the chance for a kolache. The baked goods sell out within minutes, but we got what we were after. The rosettes are the brightly colored cookies in the photo below. They’re really good. Cara’s mom is responsible for making that beautiful pie right in the center.

After breakfast, it was time to start digging for stuff in the auction.

I scored, among other things, a box of vintage holiday signs, two vintage Nebraska coffee mugs and a pretty cool measuring spoon all in the same box for a buck. This bentwood side table, also only a dollar, is now living in my house.

This cookbook was part of a silent auction and ended up being pretty expensive — by expensive, I mean $10 or something — but I enjoyed looking at it. I love old church cookbooks.

We decided to pass on Tang and instead got two polish dogs with sauerkraut and two iced teas.

Many hours later, after all the bidding was done, we headed across the street to the town bar. I left the live auction with two giant stock pots and a box of vintage mason jars, many of which are green glass, that I plan to use on our deck this summer. Total spent: $10. I can’t even recount all the stuff the group bought, but one highlight was a vintage cabbage slicer that Cara took home.

No, we didn’t try the Queso “Tantalizers,” though I tried my best to convince Cara. Instead we consumed a couple of pitchers of red beer, ate some cheese balls and discussed all our awesome finds. Until next year.


Vintage Style Icon: Natalie Joos

20 Feb

I cooked a huge tray of lasagna and a roasted chicken last night, but I forgot to take photos. So instead, on this dreary Monday, enjoy a helping of style, courtesy of Natalie Joos, one of my favorite vintage-loving fashionistas who is a casting agent for models in New York. Her blog, Tales of Endearment, is one of my favorites.

She takes models, designers, bloggers and friends on amazing vintage and thrift adventures and documents it along the way. What fun! I love how she mixes high and low, modern and vintage, menswear and girly pieces and tops it all off with fun nail polish, jazzy sunglasses, hats and fantastic shoes.

Enjoy (and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled food programming tomorrow.)

All images courtesy of Tales of Endearment.

Thrift Finds: some favorites

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is the day when I trot out my vintage YSL blouse that’s covered with hearts and has a giant tie in the front. It just seems right.

Escada snake print silk blouse + Crazy Escada sweater coat (thanks Cara!)

Detail shot of an amazing Escada full skirt. So dramatic.

Vintage navy blue Dooney & Bourke bag that I’m really enjoying.

The tag on my favorite vintage YSL polka dot bow blouse.

The YSL bow blouse under a Kasper hounds tooth jacket

Vintage butterfly blouse/striped Saks Fifth Avenue blazer/
vintage rhinestone sweater clip

Thrift Finds: On style.

13 Feb

It’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and I’ve been thinking about style.

A recent look I love from the Sartorialist.
Also one that could easily be emulated with a trip to the thrifts.

I always find inspiration for how I dress in the clothes that go down the runway and in the photographs of the stylish people on the street outside Lincoln Center during fashion weeks.

I thought it would be fun to share some images I’ve found inspiring during MBFW. Mostly what I look for in the collections are looks that I think I can re-create with Thrift Finds, or emulate with things in my own closet. I think it’s a fun challenge, especially because recently, I’ve been doing a ton of thrifting and I have new things to play with. I’ve also rediscovered some old favorites. I’ll post photos later this week of some of my all-time greatest finds, among other fun stuff — think of it as “Omavore Fashion Week.”

Diane Von Furstenberg.
Love the shape of the dresses and the long leather gloves.

Derek Lam.
I’ve been looking high and low for a leather pencil skirt at the thrifts.

I love the return of the rounded shoulder and the little leopard collar, which screams DIY.


All images courtesy Image of Anna Wintour courtesy Ton.

Thrift finds: New Year’s Eve

30 Dec

I’ve been sick for the past two days and basically hadn’t given a thought to what I’d wear tomorrow night. After napping for a while today I realized I had one option: shop my own closet. So I started to dig around and came across a find from one of my favorite Omaha spots, Esther’s.

I hadn’t worn this jacket because it had some loose threads in the back. So when I went on my lone outing today to buy Vaseline for my dry nose, I grabbed some needle threaders to fix the threads before I wear it tomorrow night. It’s a trick my mom taught me when I was a kid: grab the loose thread from the back of a garment with the end of a needle threader and pull it from the front through the weave to the inside. (I can post a tutorial of how to do this if anyone wants to know.)

I figure the jacket has just enough sparkle. I’ll probably pair it with a patterned blouse and over-the-knee boots with either a black pencil skirt or my trusty J Brand skinny jeans.




vintage St. John jacket, Esther’s.

Gift giving: support the locals

8 Dec

Omaha is incredibly lucky to be home to so many talented artists. Today’s post — one of my all-time favorites to write — gives me the chance to give shout-outs to the local artists whom I know and have been lucky enough to work with and also spend some time cruising around Etsy looking for new ones to love. Trust me when I say I had a hard time narrowing this post down to just ten items. Like yesterday, click the photos to be taken to the item or to the artist’s online store.

And while I’m here, a gentle reminder to enter my giveaway with local artist InezGill. It only takes a few seconds and will result in one person taking home a beautiful handmade holiday gift. Enjoy!

New series: Thrift Finds

2 Dec

Inspired by the This week I thrifted series on my edit, and my thrifting and blogging friend Melanie, I’m starting an occasional feature here called Thrift Finds. I am an avid thrift store shopper. When I worked in Lincoln, my friend Cara and I started “thrift lunching” once a week — we’d chow down some food at our desks and meet each other at our favorite thrift spot and power shop for an hour. We have some amazing finds from those trips (and we also became good friends over racks of other people’s discarded sweaters and bags.)

Now that I’m back to working in Omaha, I’ve been searching out new thrift haunts closer to home. Today, I organized a little “thrift lunch” with some other women from my office. It turns out I work with a few avid thrifters here at the World-Herald. We hit two of my favorite downtown spots today, and before we headed back, I swung into Second Chance in the Old Market, a long-time favorite. I’d seen FashFlood post something on Twitter about how they had a load of zodiac themed charm bracelets and I wanted to see if my sign was hanging out with the group. Turns out, she was. $12 later, she’s on my wrist. (For those who might be curious: I’m a Capricorn. And yes, there are other signs and styles left.)