Omaha’s Beard Semifinalists

21 Feb

Clayton Chapman and Paul Kulik

We’re getting there, Omaha.
Two of our own — Clayton Champan, of The Grey Plume, and Paul Kulik, of The Boiler Room — are semifinalists for the 2012 James Beard Awards. Read more here.


Vintage Cookbooks: The Sheldon Gallery Cookbook

21 Feb

Before I returned to journalism and started this blog, I worked at the Sheldon Museum of Art. I’ve always loved the graceful Philip Johnson-designed building on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend checking it out the next time you’re in Lincoln. It’s free. One current exhibition includes a collection of Andy Warhol’s Polaroid photographs, and another focuses on the tumultuous nature of artist’s relationships (and includes work from Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Arthur Dove, Edward Hopper, and Robert Henri.)  The museum also has a lovely store that sells lots of beautiful items, and also loads of books, including the gem I’m writing about today.

The Sheldon Art Association (then called the Nebraska Art Association) published the book in 1978. It includes recipes from board members, but also from artists.

I would like to try Keith Jacobshagen’s chili and Robert Motherwell’s Late Supper.

Of course, Runzas.

A list of glamorous-sounding party meals (and one for 200 diners!)

Norman Geske, former director of Sheldon, loves a Negroni. In fact, the museum served them at his 95th birthday party, which happened while I worked there.

The best thing of all, though, is that the Sheldon Gallery cookbook is still available for purchase in the Sheldon Museum Store. To get your own copy, visit the museum or call 402-472-2461.

Top image courtesy of the Sheldon Museum of Art. All other images courtesy the Sheldon Gallery Cookbook.

Vintage Style Icon: Natalie Joos

20 Feb

I cooked a huge tray of lasagna and a roasted chicken last night, but I forgot to take photos. So instead, on this dreary Monday, enjoy a helping of style, courtesy of Natalie Joos, one of my favorite vintage-loving fashionistas who is a casting agent for models in New York. Her blog, Tales of Endearment, is one of my favorites.

She takes models, designers, bloggers and friends on amazing vintage and thrift adventures and documents it along the way. What fun! I love how she mixes high and low, modern and vintage, menswear and girly pieces and tops it all off with fun nail polish, jazzy sunglasses, hats and fantastic shoes.

Enjoy (and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled food programming tomorrow.)

All images courtesy of Tales of Endearment.

Meat loaf

17 Feb

Meat loaf is sort of pedestrian. It’s sort of old-school and maybe a touch boring.

But I love it.

When I was growing up, meat loaf was one of my mom’s standard dinners, and also one of my favorites. In my meatless years, I made at least a couple of meat loaves with boca crumblers and seitan.

Last week it was so cold in Omaha, and one night, I just got the craving for a meatloaf, a side of mashed potatoes and a pile of green beans.

I turned to the New York Times, where I found an updated variation on meat loaf thanks to Florence Fabricant, and a Craig Claiborne classic recipe that’s worth a gander for his writing alone.

“There is almost no herb or spice that, used with discretion, would not marry handsomely with a meritorious meat loaf.”

Indeed. I studded mine with sauteed leeks and baby bella mushrooms and flavored it with lots of oregano and Italian seasonings. And next time, I’ll definitely make one of Claiborne’s sauces to accompany my meritorious meat loaf.

{Happy Valentine’s Day}

15 Feb

Matthew and I enjoyed a cocktail at the Boiler Room last night followed by a delicious dinner at La Buvette. Tres romantic. (It’s also very dark in Buvette, so pardon the photos. But enjoy them anyway.)

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, too.

We loved the curated wine rack and chose a lovely bottle of Barolo from the shelf.

Candle-lit cheese plate

Steak frites

Lamb Osso Bucco

Thrift Finds: some favorites

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is the day when I trot out my vintage YSL blouse that’s covered with hearts and has a giant tie in the front. It just seems right.

Escada snake print silk blouse + Crazy Escada sweater coat (thanks Cara!)

Detail shot of an amazing Escada full skirt. So dramatic.

Vintage navy blue Dooney & Bourke bag that I’m really enjoying.

The tag on my favorite vintage YSL polka dot bow blouse.

The YSL bow blouse under a Kasper hounds tooth jacket

Vintage butterfly blouse/striped Saks Fifth Avenue blazer/
vintage rhinestone sweater clip

Thrift Finds: On style.

13 Feb

It’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and I’ve been thinking about style.

A recent look I love from the Sartorialist.
Also one that could easily be emulated with a trip to the thrifts.

I always find inspiration for how I dress in the clothes that go down the runway and in the photographs of the stylish people on the street outside Lincoln Center during fashion weeks.

I thought it would be fun to share some images I’ve found inspiring during MBFW. Mostly what I look for in the collections are looks that I think I can re-create with Thrift Finds, or emulate with things in my own closet. I think it’s a fun challenge, especially because recently, I’ve been doing a ton of thrifting and I have new things to play with. I’ve also rediscovered some old favorites. I’ll post photos later this week of some of my all-time greatest finds, among other fun stuff — think of it as “Omavore Fashion Week.”

Diane Von Furstenberg.
Love the shape of the dresses and the long leather gloves.

Derek Lam.
I’ve been looking high and low for a leather pencil skirt at the thrifts.

I love the return of the rounded shoulder and the little leopard collar, which screams DIY.


All images courtesy Image of Anna Wintour courtesy Ton.