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Moonlighting as a fashion reporter

27 Feb

Last night, I live tweeted the Oscar red carpet with my sister and it was so much fun.

I love writing about food. But Omavore readers probably know by now that I also love fashion. So when my editor started to talk about Oscar coverage, I invited myself to the meeting and exposed my love for fashion. I wrote a story in Saturday’s Omaha World-Herald previewing the red carpet looks and was lucky enough to interview two of my favorite local gals: Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik and Cora Rasp.

They sent me their thoughts on the red carpet last night, and their best and worst dressed picks ran as part of two stories I wrote for a huge spread in today’s Omaha World-Herald.

This early afternoon, Sarah and Cora came down to the World-Herald and we talked on video about our best and worst-dressed picks. They both looked adorable (naturally.)

Click here for the video.

I pulled out a few stops, too: my one and only red lip gloss and my fiercest Burberry shoes.


New series: Thrift Finds

2 Dec

Inspired by the This week I thrifted series on my edit, and my thrifting and blogging friend Melanie, I’m starting an occasional feature here called Thrift Finds. I am an avid thrift store shopper. When I worked in Lincoln, my friend Cara and I started “thrift lunching” once a week — we’d chow down some food at our desks and meet each other at our favorite thrift spot and power shop for an hour. We have some amazing finds from those trips (and we also became good friends over racks of other people’s discarded sweaters and bags.)

Now that I’m back to working in Omaha, I’ve been searching out new thrift haunts closer to home. Today, I organized a little “thrift lunch” with some other women from my office. It turns out I work with a few avid thrifters here at the World-Herald. We hit two of my favorite downtown spots today, and before we headed back, I swung into Second Chance in the Old Market, a long-time favorite. I’d seen FashFlood post something on Twitter about how they had a load of zodiac themed charm bracelets and I wanted to see if my sign was hanging out with the group. Turns out, she was. $12 later, she’s on my wrist. (For those who might be curious: I’m a Capricorn. And yes, there are other signs and styles left.)