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Omavore on Instagram

2 Mar

My newest obsession: Instagram. (I realize, everyone is obsessed with it.) Find me at SarahBakerHansen.

Some recent snaps: hot chocolate in my favorite vintage mug, vintage James Beard reading, vodka infusion at Taxi’s Bar and Grille, Lucky Buddha beer at Saigon, Amsterdam Falafel.


Ethiopian in Omaha

25 Feb

A few of my friends have been talking about a little Ethiopian place in Midtown. We decided at the last minute last night to give Lalibela Ethiopian a try. Not only was it a really fun experience with incredibly friendly service, the food was fantastic. I gave my new iPhone a workout, and I think you’ll notice the difference. Lalibela Ethopian, 4422 Cass St.

You eat Ethiopian food with your hands, and pick each bite up with a torn piece of injera, Ethiopian bread. We ordered a vegetarian plate and a combination meat plate and had more than enough for four people. It’s worth noting that our bill was under $30.

{Happy Valentine’s Day}

15 Feb

Matthew and I enjoyed a cocktail at the Boiler Room last night followed by a delicious dinner at La Buvette. Tres romantic. (It’s also very dark in Buvette, so pardon the photos. But enjoy them anyway.)

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, too.

We loved the curated wine rack and chose a lovely bottle of Barolo from the shelf.

Candle-lit cheese plate

Steak frites

Lamb Osso Bucco

Review: Block 16

3 Feb

Chefs Jessica Joyce and Paul Urban run a pretty cool little hole-in-the-wall in downtown Omaha. I really like it.

The short form: The couple make street food with an upscale twist. The daily specials are not to be missed. And the creative, tasty vegan offerings appeal to former meatless folks like me but they’re good enough that meat eaters should give them a go, too. I can’t wait to watch this place turn into what its owners envision it to be.


Pictured above, Block 16. Photo by Corey Perrine/OWH.

Introducing Food Prowl

30 Jan

Last Friday marked the beginning of my new Omaha World-Herald food series, called Food Prowl.

I decided to start the series with one of the most iconic — and turns out, one of the most debatable — foods in the city: the Reuben.

The story was a lot of fun to write, and I had a great time eating with Mary Bernstein, J.J. Harder and Jason Bejot.

I’m already working hard on the second installment of the series.

Here’s a link to the full first story, and to a special version we created just for Omaha.com. I’ve created a list of the series at the right, and you can follow along with me each month as I eat my way through Omaha.

Have any recommendations or suggestions? Send them my way.

Review: M’s Pub

30 Jan

M’s Pub has been around as an Omaha favorite as long as I’ve been around (longer, actually.) And it’s still great.

The short form: M’s Pub has a formula for success: wonderful atmosphere, excellent service and tasty, reliable food. They’re balancing what has worked for 40 years with some contemporary twists that keep things from getting stale.


Pictured above, M’s Pub. Photo by Rebecca S. Gratz/OWH.

Review: Portovino

18 Jan

Portovino is the newest restaurant in Midtown Crossing, and it replaced Loft 610 last fall.

The short form: I was disappointed in a lot of things. The food wasn’t great. The music was too loud. And the oven that looks like it’s wood fired is actually gas-powered. One bright spot: a delicious, beautiful roasted beet salad.


Pictured above: Pollo pizza. Photo by Rebecca S. Gratz/OWH.