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Vintage Cookbooks: The Sheldon Gallery Cookbook

21 Feb

Before I returned to journalism and started this blog, I worked at the Sheldon Museum of Art. I’ve always loved the graceful Philip Johnson-designed building on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend checking it out the next time you’re in Lincoln. It’s free. One current exhibition includes a collection of Andy Warhol’s Polaroid photographs, and another focuses on the tumultuous nature of artist’s relationships (and includes work from Georgia O’Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Arthur Dove, Edward Hopper, and Robert Henri.)  The museum also has a lovely store that sells lots of beautiful items, and also loads of books, including the gem I’m writing about today.

The Sheldon Art Association (then called the Nebraska Art Association) published the book in 1978. It includes recipes from board members, but also from artists.

I would like to try Keith Jacobshagen’s chili and Robert Motherwell’s Late Supper.

Of course, Runzas.

A list of glamorous-sounding party meals (and one for 200 diners!)

Norman Geske, former director of Sheldon, loves a Negroni. In fact, the museum served them at his 95th birthday party, which happened while I worked there.

The best thing of all, though, is that the Sheldon Gallery cookbook is still available for purchase in the Sheldon Museum Store. To get your own copy, visit the museum or call 402-472-2461.

Top image courtesy of the Sheldon Museum of Art. All other images courtesy the Sheldon Gallery Cookbook.


Thrift Finds: some favorites

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is the day when I trot out my vintage YSL blouse that’s covered with hearts and has a giant tie in the front. It just seems right.

Escada snake print silk blouse + Crazy Escada sweater coat (thanks Cara!)

Detail shot of an amazing Escada full skirt. So dramatic.

Vintage navy blue Dooney & Bourke bag that I’m really enjoying.

The tag on my favorite vintage YSL polka dot bow blouse.

The YSL bow blouse under a Kasper hounds tooth jacket

Vintage butterfly blouse/striped Saks Fifth Avenue blazer/
vintage rhinestone sweater clip

Thrift finds: New Year’s Eve

30 Dec

I’ve been sick for the past two days and basically hadn’t given a thought to what I’d wear tomorrow night. After napping for a while today I realized I had one option: shop my own closet. So I started to dig around and came across a find from one of my favorite Omaha spots, Esther’s.

I hadn’t worn this jacket because it had some loose threads in the back. So when I went on my lone outing today to buy Vaseline for my dry nose, I grabbed some needle threaders to fix the threads before I wear it tomorrow night. It’s a trick my mom taught me when I was a kid: grab the loose thread from the back of a garment with the end of a needle threader and pull it from the front through the weave to the inside. (I can post a tutorial of how to do this if anyone wants to know.)

I figure the jacket has just enough sparkle. I’ll probably pair it with a patterned blouse and over-the-knee boots with either a black pencil skirt or my trusty J Brand skinny jeans.




vintage St. John jacket, Esther’s.